May 21, 2022


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Utility crews continue repairs and improvements in tornado damaged communities

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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) Signs of the December 10th tornado are still with us. Months after power was restored, utility companies are still working on other repairs and improvements.

In this part of Dawson Springs, you can see new power poles up replacing ones that were broken during the tornado. And Atmos crews have been working on improving gas lines below ground. It’s part of getting ready to reconnect residents who repaired or will build new homes here.

As new homes are starting to show up in Dawson Springs, Atmos Energy crews are preparing to reconnect those new, or repaired homes.

“We are doing what we have to do to secure our infrastructure,” said Kay Coomes of Atmos. She also says they’re replacing a 12,000 foot natural gas line in Dawson Springs after water got in to the line from rainy and winter weather.

“Once the meter breaks off, it exposes our line and what we found was once the line was exposed through rain, through the cold and snow, water got in to the line,” Coomes explained.

Coomes says Atmos is waiting for a customer’s home to be repaired or replaced before reconnecting those homes. They also replaced a few hundred meters damaged from the tornado in parts of western Kentucky. Kentucky Utilities officials say they’ve replaced several hundred power poles and power lines since the tornado hit and are also working to reconnect to repaired homes.

“They’re getting back to what they were before the tornado,” said Kevin Cook, who had natural gas service restored to his home three weeks ago. He says having more of the utility infrastructure repaired and expanded can help bring people back.

“The ones that are going to rebuild, I think, after the utilities get turned back on, they’ll come back.,” he said.

Coomes reminds people looking to rebuild to watch where they dig and watch for underground utility lines.

As for other parts hit by the tornado, Bremen Mayor Allen Miller says they’re now focused on hooking utilities up to customers as they build new or temporary homes.

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