August 10, 2022


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Understanding Residential Cargo Elevators

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There is little doubt that businesses the world over will always need cargo lifts and elevators in their commercial buildings. What may be less obvious is the increasing demand for such equipment in private or other residential homes.


Unlike traditional large, indoor cargo elevators, many residential material lifts are installed on the outside of the home. Small and deceivingly strong, these lifts have been known to carry 1,000 pounds or more of material. Their simple, open design can withstand any weather, will not take up much space, and are placed next to external porches or stair landings for easy access. They should also have an aesthetically pleasing design to help add value to your home.


Traditional elevators are well-equipped with a number of safety features to prevent injury, and residential cargo lifts should be held to the same standards. The main cables are among the most important factors in ensuring safety, so be sure to note the recommended weight maximum on the lift, as well as the breaking strength of each cable. The cable brake should also be noted and understood, as this is the component that will lock the lift in place if it begins to fall.


In addition to adding value to your home with a more unique feature, the safety benefits of a cargo lift far outweigh any risks. Moving furniture in or out of a home is daunting, and involving stairs can be dangerous and even deadly. As the population continues to age, the danger branches out to other smaller yet no less difficult everyday items that need to reach the top floors of your home. Installing a cargo lift is the best way to ensure the safety of the heavy lifters in your household.

As weather patterns and population growth continues to require additional, taller homes, an easier method for moving heavy furniture and materials vertically will increase in demand. Understand your home’s needs to ensure you make the right decision in installing your own residential cargo lift. | Newsphere by AF themes.