May 16, 2022


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Porcelain Countertops with Its Amazing Benefits

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Why We Can't Recommend Porcelain Countertops

When you hear the sentence “best durable countertop” what materials are instantly come to your mind? Granite or quartz is likely to be. These materials are amazing in terms of durability. But the resilience of porcelain surfaces is often underestimated. Do you know that porcelain is significantly stronger than granite and nearly as hard as quartz? Even though porcelain isn’t the most popular kitchen/bathroom upgrades material, this should be taken into consideration. Here are a few benefits of Porcelain countertops Toronto:

Endurance of heat

After such high manufacturing temperatures, it becomes heat resistant. Even when you put hot things directly on a porcelain countertop, you will have no trouble handling hot pots and pans.

Hardness and Durability

As previously noted, porcelain is stronger, nearly 30 percent stronger than hardest granite. It is also scratch-resistant due to its strong porcelain structure. You may even chop and dice your meal without worrying about your knife and the damage to the surface. But you may want to keep cleaving meat apart.

Low absorption of water

It’s almost impermeable to water. The absorption rate is less than 0,5% by the North American Tile Council. Don’t too much worry about the cleaning of the counter spills as they happen usually.

Easy Maintenance

Porcelain is also non-porous and resistant to stain, as well as being easy to maintain clean. It will be exciting information for a counter owner because no sealing is necessary. Quality porcelain is used for countertops that are scratch-resistant and heat-resistant and very durable.

Resistance to UV Light

A key benefit of porcelain over quartz is that it will not be discolored by direct and longer sun exposure.  What a joy to design a kitchen countertop without being worrisome about the location of the windows.

Patterns and Colors

Especially with natural pigments, you may choose a variety of colors depending on the manufacturer. During the manufacturing process, porcelain is an engineered stone, pattern, and hues. There is a plain color porcelain countertop available, but you can choose also one that surface mimics marble. This gives you the marble look with long durability.

Size and Thickness

It is quite durable but the material is also thick. Porcelain is extremely lightweight and comes with multi installation options. In addition, extra-large porcelain plates can be produced to fulfill the need for fewer seams. This makes the material an excellent choice if you want to search around the whole kitchen island for a single sheet cover.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, its greenness is one of the major advantages of porcelain. This is a 100% natural product consisting of raw and clay-based ingredients, so you may recycle it one day, it’s good to know. | Newsphere by AF themes.