August 10, 2022


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4 Things You Can Do With Heavy-Duty Castors

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The difference between medium, lightweight, or heavy-duty industrial wheels is how much weight they can bear and still promote safety. Heavy-duty wheels can support between 2,000 and 44,000 pounds of weight per wheel. You can identify them by their thicker legs, wider swivel parts, and sturdy attachment plate. These wheels may be a good option if you need to move any of the following equipment. 

1. Aerospace Equipment

Heavy-duty wheels are used in aerospace plants to mobilize large workpieces, equipment, and assemblies. They are essential for their use in mobilizing work because they allow technicians to move the workpieces around and lock them with ease. You will also see them being used in this industry to support an aircraft tow bar. 

Aside from this, you will see heavy-duty casters on airplane hanger doors. The rigid kind of casters is used to support the doors. This enables one individual or an automatic roller to open the doors with ease. 

2. Shipping Containers

Another popular application that requires heavy-duty wheels is mobilizing shipping containers. You can purchase specialized, corner-fitting mounting brackets to mount casters to containers. Most manufacturers make them in different sizes, so people in the shipping industry can get the right wheels for each container. This allows them to move heavy containers with ease and lock the wheels, so they don’t roll away. 

3. Heavy Manufacturing Machinery

Manufacturing plants producing heavy machinery also use heavy-duty casters. For instance, they are necessary for auto assembly, heavy equipment, or earthmoving equipment plants. They allow employees to easily move assemblies and parts around the factory without strenuous, back-breaking work. Plus, heavy-duty wheels are great for smoothing out the assembly line process in auto manufacturing plants. 

4. Dollies and Platforms

You wouldn’t call it a car if it didn’t have wheels. Similarly, you wouldn’t have dollies and platforms without casters. These casters are an essential component of these material moving devices. Many companies that use these to move materials and other items have them custom-made to fit their dollies or platforms while focusing on movement for their specific purpose. Others choose the best fit from many different manufacturers and still have a much easier time mobilizing any materials necessary. 

Heavy-duty casters are a great investment for specific equipment. Their durability makes hauling heavy loads safer. This is an important quality that many companies look for. You can move any of the equipment on this list much easier with heavy-duty wheels. | Newsphere by AF themes.