August 12, 2022


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4 Benefits of Colonial Grid Windows

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If you live in a so-called Colonial-style home, it is most likely based upon popular British architectural styles of the 18th century. Colonial Georgian architecture features specific elements that are considered integral to that particular style. One example of these highly specialized details is colonial grid windows. Here are four benefits of installing these types of windows.

Period Aesthetic

If you live in a home built in the colonial style, grid windows are part of what gives this design its particular look. Many purists even insist that a colonial style structure must have these types of windows to be considered as a colonial. Today, the importance of architectural conservation is growing, and grid windows give period buildings a traditional, expected aesthetic.

Easy Repairs

If the grids in your windows separate individual panes of glass, when one pane is broken, repairing it is easier than if a single large pane were cracked or shattered. Separate panes also keep damage in one area from spreading to the rest of the window until repairs are made.

Sparkling Lights That Hypnotize

Grid windows popular on colonial style buildings offer an ever-changing, interesting play of light and shadow. If this matters to you, grid windows are a great choice. While the Georgians valued order and neatness, this particular benefit of these types of windows speaks to personal creativity, imagination, and love of the natural world.

Energy Savers

In addition to a unique and attractive appearance, colonial grid windows can actually lower your energy bill. Grids are solid and therefore block some sunlight. Therefore, grids generally help lower your monthly energy bills. If you live in a hot, sunny climate, you appreciate that any assistance in reducing cooling costs is important.

Colonial grid windows provide both practical benefits as well as more esoteric pleasures. They lower energy costs, give your home a traditional visual appeal, and provide a fascinating play of light. These types of windows can add to the general satisfaction of your home for years to come. | Newsphere by AF themes.