August 10, 2022


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3 Reasons To Choose a Keyless Lock

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Being a business owner comes with many challenges, but the simple act of getting into your storefront or office should not be something that brings you headaches. If you’ve ever had to deal with the frustration of driving into work on your day off to let in a staff member who lost the key, there is a better way. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of choosing a keyless door lock Orlando for your business.

No More Copying Keys

Employees, repairmen, the landlord – if there are a lot of people coming and going into your business, a keyless lock is the perfect solution. You won’t have to worry about anyone losing a key or getting locked out. If there is an emergency when you unable to get to your business, you will be able to give anyone who needs it the code for quick access. If you prefer, many companies can also install a keypad that opens with a fob or a card for extra security. Either way, the need for keys is becoming obsolete.

Increased Durability

The very act of inserting keys into a classic lock can wear them down over time. Locks can grow sticky and difficult to open and will likely need to be replaced entirely someday. A keypad is durable and smooth to operate and is subject to far less wear and tear.

Greater Security

Unlike a traditional lock, you cannot pick an electronic lock. It will be much more difficult for wrongdoers to break into your business and just the sight of a keypad could put them off attempting to enter. In the unlikely event that there is a forced entry, signs of a break-in will be clear should you need to prove a theft to your insurance company.

Keyless locks are great for your business and offer many benefits. Call your local company and learn more about this convenient solution today. | Newsphere by AF themes.